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Frequently Asked Questions

 What if my child signs up for ballet - can she switch to a different class if she doesn't like the ballet class?

Sure. I suggest this be done within the first two months of school, so when the student switches classes, she/he will not be too far behind.

  Should my child decide to discontinue with classes, what is my payment obligation?

Within the first month, none. However, after 30 days whatever classes are taken will need to be paid for. Please keep in mind that our registration fee is nonrefundable.

 Is participation in the recital mandatory?

No, however a commitment will need to be made by December when costumes are ordered for our annual recital. Children not participating in our recital may continue with their classes until January 31st, at which time more emphasis is placed on choreography.

 Is observation of classes allowed?

Parents will have the opportunity to view classes from September through December. We have cameras in our dance room and you may observe on two large television screens while sitting comfortably in our waiting area. Starting in January viewing will be limited due to our concentration on our dance routines.

  How many preschool students are placed in each class?

Preschool classes are monitored carefully. There will be approximately 10 -12 students in each class with one teacher and one to two assistants.

 How does my child enter the HDA Performing Arts Company?

Competition is a very demanding commitment for both student and parent alike. When the teacher feels a student is confident enough, works well in class, takes ballet weekly and is overall consistent in their dance training, they will be asked to join.