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Ages 3 to Adult, Beginner to Advanced, Competitive and Recreational program opportunities.                                              New Adult Programs and Mom and Infant 6 weeks-7 months.


(Ages 3-5)
This course is designed to introduce the little ones to the varieties of music and basic movements of the body. The ballet program consists of barre work, center exercise and progressive steps across the floor. The tap program introduces the little ones to the rhythmic sounds that are created by the feet, also using the barre, center exercises and progressive steps across the floor.

Our tumble play portion helps the little ones with their stretch, balance and gross motor skills. We do this by incorporating several fun activities such as parachute games, pogo horses, tumbling on gymnastic mats, skipping, etc.

Our only requirement for this age division is that Children must be Potty Trained

Beginner Combo Classes

(Ages 6-8 and 9-12) Great opportunity for new students to try a combo class and explore the many varieties of dance and choose which they like best. Classes are offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acrobatics


Ballet can be extremely beneficial to the student even as a once-a-week lesson. Ballet gives the student poise, grace, rhythm, pleasure and a feeling of great accomplishment. Our Pointe program is for the serious intermediate/advanced level students.


Tap is a form of dance wherein rhythmic sounds are created by the feet, employing styles and techniques of other dance forms.


Various styles of jazz dancing include Mtv, Lyrical, Rock, Musical Comedy among others. Students wanting to study Jazz must be 6 years of age or older.

Flow Arts:

Hooping or hoop dance as some know it better is a combination of technical and manipulation moves along with free flow or choreographed dance moves.  Hooping is part of the greater spectrum of Flow Arts. Other forms of flow arts include poi, levitation wand, staves and more.  Hooping has become the more popular over the years and the passion has spread to places all over the world.  


Basic tumbling and acrobatics, tricks, back bends, walkovers, limbas, cartwheels, handsprings, etc.

Other Classes offered:

Leaps & Turns and Contemporary

Adult Programs

10 Class Card $108.00, 5 Class Card $ 60.00 or drop in $18.00. 90 day expiration. No registration fee required.

Core Stability Classes:

This class will gently build and strengthen your whole body with a challenging 45 minute class that works to tone and condition all major muscles of the torso,bottom and legs.  Special attention is applied to the abdominal, back muscles and abs.  Great class for adults who want to be stable on their feet.


This class is a total body workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements, which burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean bodies. Barre classes are for all levels and not a dance class. Movements are typically small and easy on the joints. Taking Barre classes will increase strength and flexibility. Classes are set to upbeat music and are challenging and fun.

Mom & Infant:

This class is designed for new moms and their babies.  Babies must be six weeks to seven months old (non-mobile babies). This class will improve balance and strengthen muscles. We will be integrating your baby into the workouts. Please bring a baby carrier or sling, your babies favorite toy and blanket.  Come and meet with new Moms and get back into pre-baby shape.

Adult Tap:

Rhythmic sounds made with the feet to upbeat music.  Great cardio workout too. 


For information regarding tuition please call or e-mail the studio.

Tel: 603-329-8101

e-mail: info@hampstead-dance.net