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Our family has a deep appreciation for HDA and the professionalism shown towards each parent and student. You and your staff strive to ensure that every student benefit from a positive experience. You run a great studio and it’s obvious your love of dancing as well as your love for your students. We can not thank you enough for your very hard work and determination. We Love it at HDA!

My daughter has been dancing at Hampstead Dance Academy since she was 3 years old. Dance has been beneficial for her. It has helped her with coordination and memorization skills. Most of all it has helped her confidence. Confidence to stand up in a group of people and deliver an oral presentation. Confidence to dance in a recital or dance competition. Thank you Hampstead Dance Academy for instilling self-esteem and confidence in the children at your academy.


I enrolled my daughter in dance classes five years age at HDA to gain some self confidence. Not only has she fulfilled her goal, she has established some dear and lasting friendships. She looks forward to every dance class and often makes us arrive early! Donna Schipani is not only a talented and dedicated teacher, she’s a role model that I’m proud to have my daughter look up to!


We are extremely pleased to be part of Hampstead Dance Academy. Over the past eight years, my daughter has been encouraged and inspired to reach her full potential. She has blossomed from a small, uncertain child into a determined, confident and skilled dancer.

The students at Hampstead Dance receive exceptional training from accomplished and experienced dance educators who love what they do. That love of dance and teaching is reflected in each and every one of their students. We love being part of the Hampstead Dance family!