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Miss Donna, Thank you thank you thank you for all you do for these kids and in my daughter. She has grown so much! She loves dance and looks forward to coming back next year too! You will also have her sister!
I hope you always know and never forget how much what you do means. We feel it so very much given our journey with L. Her first few years consisted of doctors appointments and a pandemic. My heart is so full watching her be able to just be a regular kid.


Hi Donna!

Just wanted to thank you for putting on a fantastic program and for a fantastic year. Sophie absolutely loved the class and has already told me she wants to do ballet again next year. This was such a good thing for her and we just wanted to say thank you again!!


Hello Miss Donna,

I couldn’t be more thankful that we found your studio when we did. She met some of the most incredible friends but most importantly you, the most dedicated dance teacher and mentor! Your studio has been a second home to her/us for so many years and we both will miss it beyond words. I knew this day would come (finishing High School) but still not ready for this chapter to be done – I tear up every time I think about it!
Thank you again for all you have done for Alexis, I am forever grateful!


Miss Donna
You have no idea the imprint you have helped place on our little girl. For their birthday I got them a modular 6by6 tap floor and we have seen I am a Bat about 100 more times since the recital 😂.
She was teary leaving the arts center because she said she is going to miss you. When we drive by the dance studio at the moment the little eyes water. You really made a mark on her ❤️. Thank you so very much for all you do for these kids.


The recital was great!!!

Julianna was so excited to watch all of the other dancers and had a great time up on stage.

She had a great first year with HDA and she is already looking forward to returning in September!

Thank you all for making her first year of dance such a wonderful experience.


Thank YOU for a wonderful year and another amazing recital.  We are so happy to be a part of HDA!


He loves and respects you so much….you mean so much to him…….I’m so glad he has you in his life….thank you for everything


Thank you,   I can’t tell you how much she has appreciated all the rope you have given her to stick with dance and at the same time be a student and  athlete at a school that that does not always make it easy to do things beyond the CCHS circle due to location and schedules.

Dance has been a joyfully place for her, it is a second home for her. I had to write a letter to her for the retreat and I will share with you that one of the things I wrote is that I love about her is the smile on her face when she dances. When she dances even if every move is not perfect that fact that she projects that joy, for me anyway comes across and nothing as a parent is more satisfying than watching your child smile like that.  So thank you for investing so much time and energy into Emily! I do believe you are somewhat a product of the people you chose to associate with and I could not have  asked for a better environment for the not only Emily but all the dancers and you are responsible for that!


You are so wonderful. Thank you so, so much for this. It really means a lot to me. I appreciate you and everything that you do for the people in and out of the studio I hope you have a wonderful summer, and I will see you soon!

Thank you again ❤


Thank you for all that you and Miss Andrea do to make each child’s experience amazing!!!!  I am very thankful to you both!!