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Hours Per Week  Cost Per Month
.30 $53
.45 $60
1 Hour $70
1.25 Hours $78
1.50 Hours $80
1.75 Hours $95
2 Hours $97
2+ Hours Please Call

Great Savings!

    • Additional discounts for each sibling living in the same household.


    • Tuition is based on annual fee, NOT by the class.
    • Tuition is due by the 1st of each month and will be charged to your valid credit card on file which you can cancel at any time should the child not want to continue.
      Tuition is divided into ten monthly payments due each month from September through June. Payment is the same regardless if it is a “short” month (3 weeks) or a “long” month 5 weeks. 
    • A $15.00 late fee will be incurred if not paid by the 10th of the month. An additional $5.00 fee will be added per week to the late fee if payment is not received by the 15th. Any account that is three weeks past due will result in student not being able to participate in class. In the event of illness or injury please contact the studio.
    • Private lessons rate is $25.00 per half-hour, if there is available time in our schedule.
    • Registration/Insurance rates are $35.00 first student, $45.00 Family. Non- Refundable
    • We accept MC/Visa/Discover ($30.00 service fee for charges returned by bank for any reason.)


You may cancel your enrollment at any time. If a child withdraws from class/s refunds are given minus amounts for classes taken. Refunds or credits will not be given for missed lessons do to illness, snow cancellations or studio vacation weeks.  Missed classes can be made up in a comparable alternate class at no extra charge. Make-up classes must be made up within 2 weeks or are forfeited. Please speak with your child’s instructor for the appropriate class for make-up. In the event of a prolonged illness or injury, please contact the office for arrangements. HDA reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment and an alternate class will be suggested.  If unable to continue, and withdraw due to cancellation of class, all unused tuition will be refunded. A written notice must be given at least two weeks in advance if child is not continuing with any class/s to be taken off of auto payments

We do not guarantee refund or make up classes for our 2023-24 season should Hampstead Dance Academy close due to quarantine or any other reasons regarding COVID 19/Variants or infectious diseases. Refunds or credits will not be given for missed lessons, snow cancellation, or studio vacation weeks. Missed classes may be made up in a comparable class at no extra charge. In the event of a prolonged illness or injury, please contact the office for arrangements.

Snow Days

In the event of inclement weather, please call the Studio at 329-8101 to see if classes are being held. We will leave a message on our machine, post on Facebook and Instagram and an email will be sent to all families.

Dancers Newsletter

Newsletters will be e-mailed periodically with pertinent information concerning the studio and will be posted on the bulletin board in our waiting room.  Please be sure to add Hampstead Dance Academy to your address book so we do not end up in your Spam Folder.